about pollumination

This all started in 2018 when God put a dream on my heart at 3am while I was pregnant with my son. My dream was of making colorful, handcrafted candles that could be re-used as flower pots, seeds included! That dream laid dormant as I became a new mom, went back to school & braved the storms & sunshine of the first year of motherhood. ⁣⁣
After watching a free creative entrepreneur webinar online in July 2019, I felt inspired and prayed for a unique and creative way to make a business & build a brand. It was then that God tugged at my heart and reminded me “I already gave you an idea.” That night I couldn’t sleep because the ideas came in like a flood!


I have prayed over every step and every aspect of my growing business. That dream of Flower Pot Candles quickly expanded into a line of drinkware & homegoods.


Left: the first sketch of my idea drawn in the middle of the night along with my the first prototype. Left: Prototype now used as a brush holder at my workspace. I still look at it every day as I work; it represents a beginning & it still has a purpose. Shown on either side are 2 of my final Flower Pot Candles.


The name “Pollumination” is a play on the words “Pollination: Illuminated;” Each Flower Pot Candle (and every other purchase!) includes wildflower seed paper to be planted in your candle after burning or directly in your garden to attract & preserve our pollinators.⁣⁣⁣⁣ A portion of proceeds is donated to The Pollinator Partnership in effort to support their mission to provide education & protection of all species of pollinators.


Click here for more information on why these creatures are so important!⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣I now utilize my photography skills by photographing my own work, which is created my backyard studio. I stay busy as a bee creating pretty, practical & purposeful ceramics along with my main full-time job: being a single mom to my precious toddler, Landon. ⁣⁣


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