Drink in style with these gilded honeycomb mugs! Handwash only due to gold details. Floral pink outside with light aqua or peritwinkle on the inside. Holds 14 oz.


NOTE: Please allow up to 3 weeks for your order to be completed. Here's why:

1. Orders are processed in the order in which they're received

2. Supplies may need to be ordered depending on current stock

3. We are a 2 woman team (Lauren & her mom)! Each item is glazed by hand by one of us.

4. Each piece is fired at least 3 times (glaze fire: 12 hours | decal fire: 6 hours | gold details: 6 hours)

5. Kiln work is VERY tempermental; sometimes things have to be fired multiple times to be up to par to my standards.


Please contact me if you have questions. I'm happy to help!

Gilded Honeycomb Mugs