Customizable Classics

Products shown below are available for custom order in a variety of colors*

Potters Mugs

Drink in style with this rustic style Pollumination Potter's Mug: pick your pollinator edition! Choose from a bee, butterfly, hummingbird, dragonfly or lady bug. The curve of this stocky 12 oz. mug fits perfectly in your hand, making this my most popular mug.

gilded honey drip mugs

Brilliant real 22k gold honey drip inspired details bring these mugs to life! Each mug is complete with a beautiful hand-painted honeycomb thumb rest detail. 

Beekeeper Mugs
aka "Pooh's Favorite"

I can't help but think this would be Winnie the Pooh's favorite mug! Decadent glaze resembling honey drips from the rim of this curvy Potter’s Mug, providing a delicious aesthetic! 

*Colors not customizable

Speckled Tumblers

These rustic speckled handless mugs will be staples in your kitchen as they fit perfectly in your hand and hold just the right amount of liquid, whether hot coffee, iced coffee, wine or cocktail! 

Embossed Honeycomb Bowls

This medium gilded honeycomb bowl will look stunning staged on your open shelves! With a 22k gold rim detail and a raised honeycomb design, these bowls are a perfect conversation piece.

bud vases

Featured in British Vogue's "At Home with Vouge" Summer 2020. Rim glazed with a tasteful hint of real 22k gold. Perfect year round for your favorite seasonal bouquet clippings.